Last minute gift ideas from Etsy

Monday, December 22, 2014

last minute gift ideas
Home is where ever I am with you poster via M of E Home
last minute gift ideas
Love Lives Here poster via Made in Pepperland
last minute gift ideas
Ampersand poster via I Love Printable
last minute gift ideas
T-Rex Poster via HDesignPosters
last minute gift ideas
Grow old along with me poster via Printable Wall Story
last minute gift ideas
Geometric diamond wall art via blursbyaishop
So it's December 22 today and if you're like someone I know (heh-hem... honeykins...) you're leaving it to the last minute to buy Christmas gifts, but don't despair! Here are three things via Etsy you can do to get your gift in time!

Shop Local
We've all heard it before - shop local! Well you can do that on Etsy too! Most times when it comes to shopping on Etsy it's best to order things about a month in advance so that artists can create your item and ship it so you get it in time. However if you search using the local function in the bottom lefthand corner of the page (after you enter your item search on the main page), you can potentially find something in your town or city that's already made. Artists may be open to a pick-up rather than having your item delivered through the mail. Try it!

Print it
There are tons of vendors on Etsy who offer instant download for things like posters, gift cards and other crafty items. I've used this before for the kids' birthdays with birthday bunting and cupcake toppers. You can either print your item at home or send it off to print at your local print shop. Print your poster, buy a frame and voila! You have a sweet gift to give your loved one.

Gift card it
Finally, Etsy offers gift cards of course which are super easy to use. Just click, pay, print and give!

So there you have it! A last minute Etsy gift guide. Happy Holidays!

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