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Thursday, April 16, 2015

I have romantic visions of creating and maintaining a beautiful vegetable garden. I would grow everything I typically get from the store or market and it would just be gorgeous and delicious and little bugs and animals would stay away.

Lovely thought, isn't it?

Alas, gardening takes a crap load of work, but a girl can dream.

I'm determined to start a garden this year though. I even have a place picked out along the driveway fence where those little cars and trucks are in this pic:

Now to get building... I would love to have a wood structure stained the same colour as the fence so it blends in well. It'll come out about three or four feet and will be built into two boxes. We need to allow room to access the back door in the fence because that's where we keep our garbage containers. I looked around on Pinterest for a few ideas and I realized there are a lot of gardening people out there!

With every urban garden picture I found I thought: These people get it! They're growing their own food so they will be able to sustain themselves if the food system goes kaput and we're all scrounging for something to eat.

Yes I read too much Margaret Atwood and watch too many movies like the Hunger Games.

Anyway I digress. Here are a few inspiring photos for our little urban garden.

Photo via Stark Insider

Photo via Eco Worrier

Photo via Fiskars

Photo via Better Homes and Gardens

Photo via Wallace Gardens
Do you have a little urban garden oasis? Give me your tips!

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