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Friday, April 10, 2015

Photo via Waen

I'm a little late today with my links! I'm getting ready for my awesome cousin to come over and give a few friends and me a lesson on essential oils. I'm super excited about it (look for more on her in May!). Here are the links I clicked this week.

I'm totally in love with these geometric terrariums. Gorgeous.

I'm thinking seriously about enrolling in this program. I've taken one of Meghan's classes before and loved it.

Why going mobile just became important.

How to grow and endless supply of lemons indoors!

Here's why you should never eat Tilapia again. eek!

I love how Nicolette styled her scarf!

18 People Who Ran Into Their Doppelgangers In Real Life (I've been told I look like someone else on more than one occasion!)

I think we might check out the TIFF International Kids Festival this weekend.

How to sauce pasta.

That's it! Have a great weekend y'all!

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  1. LOVE that terrarium! Perfect Mother's Day gift :) I've also been seriously considering getting certified by Meghan! Been doing lots of soul searching on where to take this life of mine!


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