Mini fireplace update

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Do you happen to remember when I mentioned that we were thinking of doing a big fireplace reno in our living room? Well guess what? We ended up doing something but it wasn't a major reno. We made a minor change that made a biggish impact.

Do you see the difference?

After writing the post, I suggested to Mark that we simply put in shelves into the weird side areas of the fireplace and call it a day, so that's what we did. Mark made some shelves out of MDF and then we painted them white to match as best we could. Now we get to keep the texture of the brick behind the shelves, while at the same time breaking up the massive brick area with a few of our favourite shelfie things.

They're not super-styled or full of stuff which is fine by me. I'm really trying not to bring a bunch of stuff into the house just to make it look nice. I want to love what I bring into the house from now on. So I just grabbed some things around the house to add to the shelves and the rest will come later.

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