My favourite kitchen tools

Monday, June 22, 2015

I'm in the kitchen a lot so over the years I've come to love some kitchen tools more than others. In addition to my trusty cast iron pans and my food processor, here are the small kitchen tools I can't live without.

Ice cream scoops: I make a lot of burgers... not the beef kind, the bean kind! I discovered early on that a standard sized ice cream scoop makes the perfect burgers for us. The smaller scoop is great for cookies and 'meat' balls!

Tongs: Tongs are so versatile. I use them most to mix dressing into salads and then use them to serve the salad. A small pair of tongs is more practical than two salad spoons because you only need one hand!

Silicone Spatulas: I love my silicone spatulas and yes I use all three! I use the smaller one to scoop out the food processor, the medium one for mixing and the black one for everything including most things I sauté and fry. They're easy to clean and easy to store.

What are your go-to kitchen tools?


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