A little terrarium makeover

Thursday, October 01, 2015

I went to Mark's office last week and cast my eyes on this sad little terrarium. Or what was left of one. A few years ago Mark's company had a renovation and the designer put a terrarium at the front door as a nice detail when people came into the office. Only no one took care of it. I think they forgot it was there. Poor little terrarium.

I decided it was an injustice to let this nice container be treated this way so I took it home to fix it up. I've never made a terrarium before, but I thought if I kept it simple I could figure it out. I went to the local flower market and got two succulent looking things thinking they'd be tough to kill. Then I took the glass off the top and cleaned it up as much as I could (it's been sitting dry and water-stained for a while!). I pulled all the dead stuff off and found a sweet little bird. Hooray! Then I shoved the succulents in, replaced some of the moss that looked half decent and tucked the bird back in.

Et Voila! 

I'm quite happy with how it turned out. I'm not sure how long it will live but we'll see. I'll have to make more visits to the office I guess!

Have you made a terrarium? I'm going to make one for the house soon! Or maybe I'll just keep this one..... Don't want to make one? Find pretty terrariums on Etsy!

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