Sunday, January 08, 2006

i threw out my back saturday afternoon after i had been helping carol make a sample wedding invitation. i reached over to grab something and it pulled. i kept walking around when i should have been laying down. we ordered pizza. mark grabbed a piece and was talking as he walked back to the sofa. i reached for a piece and my back seized up and i crumpled to the floor in pain. i couldn't move. tears were streaming down my face. mark came over and asked what had happened. carol came up from the basement. we all stayed still because we didn't know what to do. is this something you call an ambulance for?

the kitchen floor looks so much dirtier from this angle.

we called tele-health and after several questions about if i had control of my bowels and bladder or if i could feel my legs, the woman told me that if i couldn't walk i had to go to the hospital. she would forward my file there -- it wouldn't get me in to see a doctor any faster but at least they would have my file. i decided to stay home. it sounded better than spending three hours sitting on an old orange vinyl chair waiting to see a doctor, only to be told to go home, rest and put a hot water bottle on my back.

the bedroom light isn't centred in the middle of the ceiling.

the pain will go away after a few days -- hopefully -- i'll call the doctor finally, because i've had this chronic back pain for at least seven years on and off and i should really take care of it. i might have to get an operation. i might ignore it altogether -- isn't that how i was raised? I don't have time for __________ (fill in blank) is my mom's favourite saying... considering i feel 80 most days i should probably call the doctor.

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