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Monday, March 06, 2006

--eS on her Grand Manan trip

well my sister has made the big trek -- first to LA and then to South America where she'll spend a bit less than two months. I'm really proud of her -- I know it's cheesy to say but she's so brave to head to a land that she knows only what she has read in books -- and by herself. You can read about her travels here.

I went to a lunch seminar on executive blogging today and although the lunch wasn't that great the presentations were interesting. I honestly didn't know what I was going to get out of it because I thought executive blogging was common sense but I learned a few things. Shel Israel was one of the speakers -- and although he says he's more of a writer than a speaker he was excellent. Attendees got a copy of his book Naked Conversationswhich I'm looking very forward to reading. Jim Estill was another speaker -- his presentation was a bit dry at first but he is a funny guy so he was able to put in a few comments that really struck a cord with the audience. I would like to implement a corporate blog at work but it will likely be tough because of the legal and marketing departments. I'm thinking of just bringing the book up to the CEO directly so he can give it a read when I'm done. We'll see -- after I read a bit more about it and do some research on other corp. blogs I'll put something together to see if I get a bite.

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