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Monday, January 14, 2008

woah I'm beat and having a hard time concentrating today. you know when you have about 500 million things to do but can't seem to get to one thing on your list? that's me today.

yesterday I managed to shove 12 people into my little house for C's baby shower -- she knows a lot of great women so we had some fun chatting and eating. i was especially excited to sink my teeth into the double chocolately cake yumminess that I picked up from Dufflet yesterday. She just opened a new cafe relatively near my house which might be dangerous for me to say the least.

Anyway the shower was fun. I was able to meet my goal of making "lil C" a blanket out of Anna Maria Horner chocolate lollipop fabric. I also made a tote bag out out of reminants from my chair and the blanket. I wasn't able to take any pics before C left, so she took some for me when she got home. Take a look!

the baby blanket...

and the tote:

I also made two totes for two of the guests but didn't get a chance to take any pics as a result of my headless chicken running around...

It was also her birthday yesterday so a few people stuck around for some yummy dinner (and more cake of course...) deeelish!

while I'm on the subject of C - I should show you some of her craftiness...

I'm not very good at these "hold-the-camera-and-look-away-shots" but here is a pic of the beautiful scarf she made me for Christmas. I love it!


  1. Hi,

    I love the blanket you made. Do you order the Anna Maria Horner fabric online? I'm having a hard time finding fresh fabrics locally.


  2. Hi Lisa! Thanks so much for your comment -- I wanted to email you back but couldn't find your email address... I ordered my Anna Maria Fabric straight from her site! I too am having a hard time finding local places BUT I just discovered that a place in Etobicoke sells Amy Butler Fabric -- check it out here:



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