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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Year Goal #1 - CHECK!

Ok so it was a New Year Goal from Last year... or maybe two years ago but so what -- it's done!

You may...or may not recall the loooovely chair I got for free from my poor old neighbour. Although the cover was funky, it was dirty and torn; and really didn't match anything we had, so it was my goal to recover it. Well I hummed and hawed and stressed about it. I got some material to cover it and cut it up and stressed some more. But finally last week I took the plunge and got to work.


I decided to go with a plain beige cover (instead of reupolstering it). It has a bit of texture which is nice, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money for two reasons: a) this was my first time sewing a chair cover, so if I messed up, I wouldn't be that disappointed (who am I kidding, I'd be crying in the corner...), and b) because my cat has turned this chair into a scratching post so if he decides to scratch it now (so help him....) I didn't end spending a lot of money on the material. Plus I can punch it up with some fun pillows (recognize this pillow???).

Anyway I'm VERY happy to get this done and just in time for C's baby shower this weekend. Ooop just noticed I forgot to cut some threads!


  1. Good work. I have cats that do the smae thing to my chairs. I really like the shape of this chair too. Very modern.

  2. wow. so impressive! i have a chair that's waiting to be reupolstered, but maybe a cover would do the trick. great work.

    and fabulous chair! what a score.

  3. I love your chair. Your grandmother will be very proud of you. Now if I can only tackle the ugly chair in my living room.....

  4. great job! I have to do the same to an airmchair I "inherited" but I am a little bit scared... Your cover looks amazing!

  5. You have inspired me! I have been contemplating attempting a slipcover but have been a little frightened of the task. Seeing a first that looks so lovely...maybe I can do it too!

  6. you say this is the first time you have sewn a chair cover? How did you do it? I have a chair of similar shape but have no idea how to tackle something like this... Would you share some tips?

  7. Kim #2 -- please send me your email address at s_dodge (@) rogers (dot) com -- so I can send you a link to help you with your chair!



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