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Saturday, February 23, 2008

First I should preface this story with a sad one -- for those who aren't from Toronto and haven't heard, this week there was a devestating fire just steps away from the store I was visited today on the infamous Queen Street West. Some businesses were tragically destroyed after years and years of being in business. Duke Cycle was one of them (you can actually see the store on fire through this link... so sad) -- they had been in business for 95 years if you can believe it. To hear about this story and see footage on the news is one thing, but to see the masses of ashes, charred timbers and ice crystals in person is quite another.

just a warning, the reason for my post seems trivial after posting the news above, but nonetheless...

two weeks ago I was so excited to learn that amy butler fabrics were offered at a store here in Toronto -- macFAB... so today I decided to go on a little fabric adventure to see what the store had in stock. I was so excited about the fact that I would actually see the fabric BEFORE buying it -- what a concept!

As I approached macFAB, Amy's fabrics were in the window on display inside. I quickly found the stash and began pulling samples galore from the shelves. A nice woman who worked there came over to help me, to whom I mentioned that I was happy to find fabrics locally -- "I'll save on the shipping for sure!" "Uhh ya!" she replied...

As we were going through the fabrics, she proceeded to tell me the prices of each. My jaw hit the floor. The first bolt she pointed to was $35 a yard! umpardon?

I have been poring over fabrics online for months now and I'm pretty sure that I have not once seen $35 a yard online! hmf... well I wasn't paying that -- even though the fabric was in my hands and ready to be taken home to be made into a lovely bag or pillow. nuh uh.

as I made my way deeper into the store I found more of amy's prints that were a bit more reasonable -- $19 a yard. Not too bad -- I seemed to remember them being $14 online, so with the shipping and conversion (not much these days) it would be about the same. I bought some yardage and brought it home.

Well I just did a little search on sewmamasew and I found the same fabric I bought today for $9.10!

so I think I'll be sticking to online shopping from now on -- I may get to feel the texture of the fabrics in the store, but it's just not that worth it to me....

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