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Sunday, February 24, 2008

This weekend at The Gladstone Hotel my sister participated in the "Come Up To My Room" exhibition. Basically it's a bunch of rooms that are made over by local artists for the weekend. I didn't really know what to expect but it was quite inspiring and we saw some really cool art installations and furniture pieces.

My favourite of course was this is collective's room (the group my sister is a member of) -- featured above but really the photo doesn't do it justice. What it doesn't show is that on... or in the bed are 16 peep holes that, when you look through them, feature 16 separate dioramas -- each unique, funny and inspiring. it was so funny to be in the room and see a bunch of wary adults creep over to the bed to cautiously look into each peep hole.

I also loved the rooms by the Brothers Dressler -- two very tall brothers who repurpose salvaged materials to create functional works of art. Also inspiring was "we, the consumed" - a collaboration between a furniture designer and a graphic artist who created very inspiring environmentally sound pieces of furniture with various screen printed 'conversations between consuption and the consumed'.

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