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Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year!

I don't usually make resolutions but there are a few things I want to do this year so I put a list together of 32 things I'd like to do in my 32nd year. Let's see if I can cross these things off the list:

  1. make my grandmother’s date squares

  2. make tortiere

  3. make a pie

  4. knit a scarf

  5. sell my wares at a local market/craft sale

  6. make an old piece of clothing new again

  7. make a lap quilt

  8. go for a walk once a day

  9. be less judgmental

  10. paint a piece of art for our new home

  11. grow my hair (again)

  12. learn to garden properly

  13. work on my etsy site

  14. open a shop on Good Egg ('cause it's Canadian)

  15. sew one new thing a month

  16. read a new book a month

  17. work on the computer less

  18. recover my chair (#33. cut my cat's nails...)

  19. Create a room of my own

  20. say hi to my new neighbours

  21. have my sisters over for dinners more often

  22. yoga, yoga, yoga!

  23. read at the beach

  24. ride my bike

  25. have a picnic

  26. visit my parents more often

  27. have a girl's night (more than once)

  28. watch movies outside

  29. make a new dish once a month

  30. take better photos

  31. reduce, reuse, recycle

  32. keep smiling

Let's all make 2009 a great one.


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