toronto treats: letitiah

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Over the holidays I wanted to not only focus on giving gifts that were handmade, I wanted to also focus on giving gifts that were handmade by local artists found here in Toronto. I didn't really do that too much but over the next year I really want to focus on this for my gift giving and things I purchase for myself. Here's one of the (many) artists on etsy I've been crushing on for a bit:

le cristal et noir necklace

elle a des taches de rousseur earrings (love these!)

lipstick and ebony bracelet

So pretty! Read more about letitiah here


  1. hey you I'm sure you've heard of this great little spot Made You Look on Queen Street has so many funky little home grown stuff..I could spend a fortune! haha

  2. Well, nice work. Simple at its best. Gladly found this for my bridesmaids gifts.


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