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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ever since I had this boy, I've had to change my eating habits. It seems that even though I was raised on raw milk on a dairy farm and have no allergies whatsoever, my son has taken to breaking out every time I eat anything wheat-based, dairy-based and recently I realized corn-based (no popcorn for me?? WAAA!). (I should clarify that this is because I breastfeed and eventually I won't have to eat this way anymore)

Do you know how hard it is to go out in public and not be able to eat anything? No muffins, no cookies, no regular lattes, no scones, no pasta, no sandwiches, no pizza(!), no nuthin. On a recent trip home I ate my fair share of chicken salads. That's all that's available to folks like me.

Anyway I needed to bake something - anything! I found quinoa flour at Bulk Barn and went to town making these quinoa muffins this morning. I had blueberries, so I threw those in. I didn't have eggs so I used a trick I found for a ground flax seed substitute (I've used this before and it works wonders!). Also, I used goat milk and butter instead of the cow versions -- for some reason Leo can tolerate those!

And you know what? They're not half bad! They're cakey and do the trick. I even went a bit fancy and made my own parchment liners so I could pretend I bought them somewhere.

I think I'll make a habit of keeping a good stock of these so when I leave the house I'll bring them with me. So what if I look like the geek that brought her own muffin!?

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  1. Oh, I don't know what I'd do if I were you! Actually, I guess I'd do just what you're doing - getting creative using what you can to eat well while keeping your baby happy. The parchment sure does make your muffins look fancy. Enjoy them.


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