stella & dot garden party - what I actually did (and didn't do)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

So sometimes you have grand ideas about parties and then when it comes time to putting them altogether, they don't turn out exactly the way you envisioned. For example, I didn't put all my food out because as I was putting things out, I quickly ran out of space. Then today, I found the cute fabric tape I wanted to use on my marshmallow sticks... I had just totally forgotten about it.

Nonetheless, my Stella & Dot Garden Party was fun and really it's all about the people who come anyway!

Here are a few shots of the table -- and although I forgot to take pictures of Lisa's fabulous table, she has had some professional shots taken by Nataal Colalillo Photography that I added here, which are way better than anything I would be able to take anyway.

These are some delish chocolate treats from Sweet Olenka's (I say delish like I actually ate them yesterday [refer to this post for an explanation] but I have had them before and would likely live soley off of the brownies if it were nutritionally possible).

My carob and skor dipped marshmallows (without the fabric tape flags grr! I guess they wouldn't have worked anyway because I put them right side up)

The healthy stuff - veggies and hummus and my cocktail tomato, basil and bocconcinis

And the drinks!

Here are some fabulous shots of Lisa's Stella & Dot summer table (again all photos by Nataal Colalillo Photography)

Fun stuff! Thanks to Lisa for coming out and putting on a great show!

Happy Sunday!

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