chalkboard thingamabob border - done!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Well I did it! I spent an hour painting my new chalkboard in the basement while watching Charlie's Angels last night after dinner (I was excited for this show but I kind of get while it was cancelled last week)...

Can I just take a moment to say this is a big deal for me. You should know that I'm afraid of doing things that involve walls. My husband paints (or we hire a painter), and my husband hangs things on walls for me because I don't have patience to find studs in a wall and add plugs so that a picture holds up properly (I usually use tacks or two sided tape!). This may be the reason why I haven't done this project yet!

So the other day I thought Ok I'm just going to do it.

Again, here are my inspiration photos:

And here's my version as it stands now:

It's a bit wonky, but over all I'm pretty happy with it. Mark doesn't think it's practical for kids because he thinks they'll write on the wall, but I figure if that's the case then we'll just paint out the entire wall down the road. Also, I'd like to jazz up the border a bit, so last night I ordered some chalk markers online and with those I'd like to add a bit of a design of some sort.

ps--I was going to fold up the drop cloth for the pic, but look at my cat! He's so comfortable there! I think he discovered the in-floor heating and likely won't move from this spot for awhile.

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