new dining chairs

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mark and I have been looking for new dining chairs for eons and we finally found some a West Elm a few weeks ago. The Porter Leather Dining Chair was perfect for us because it was practical for kids (easy to wipe down) and simple in style. The quality is pretty good too (...and there was a sale! Ok a small one but better than nothing!).

We both liked the ivory colour because it brightened the room but now that they're all in here I keep thinking they're competing too much with the light above which is too bad because I really like the light! I'll have to live with it for a bit and in the meantime keep my eye open for light fixtures.

What do you think? Too much ivory/white???

Yes I know the tags are still on the chairs - we just need to make sure we are going to keep them! ;)


  1. Low backs and a bit blocky, no?
    Have you tried Ikea Tobias translucent chairs? With that gorgeous wood? Yum!

  2. The table is amazing!

  3. I know everything seems a bit blocky now with the light... I like the tobias chairs but not sure I'd want them long term... I'm also not sure they're all that comfortable.

  4. They are great!
    Comfy I mean! My sister in law has them

    How long term do you want to commit to?

    Careful for sticky things to get into the seams!

  5. Forever! ;)
    They would be easy to clean that's for sure!

  6. I love them...I think with little kids you are smart to go with the leather. I also like that they are low and don't overwhelm the table (because that is SUCH a great table!

  7. Woah.
    I'm not a forever kind of person. Especially with boys around (can you say destruction? How can so many accidents happen to one little person)

    Plus we plan on moving to a bigger house one day, so it's inevitable that we start over!

  8. Ha! Ya we're more of "find something and make it work throughout the years" type of people... :P

  9. I like the height of the chairs with the table, and I don't think there's too much white/ivory in the room (but I like a lot of white). The wipe-down factor is huge. I say keep 'em!

  10. Hello! I love your dining table! Did you get it locally in Toronto? Please let me know where...I've been searching for the perfect table for awhile. Thanks!!!

    1. Hi cs - the table is from a company called Kimberley Jackson which was on Queen East but I believe they are no longer making tables I'm afraid!


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