20 weeks (ish)

Friday, March 23, 2012

20 weeks (& 5 days....)!

Here's the bump at 20 weeks (& 6 days!)... so far this baby is a bit different from Leo but not too much! I didn't really have any cravings with Leo, but I did have a huge aversion to swiss chard and salmon. I don't seem to have those this time around. I do have a somewhat bigger than normal sweet tooth right now. I could eat a chocolate chip cookie every day I think....

I'm also feeling more in shape than I was last time thanks to the Belly Bootcamp I've been attending since I was pregnant with Leo (I can still do at least one push up from my toes!) & BodyFlow at GoodLife, although things are stretching and tweaking a bit more because you know as my midwife says: "the apartment has been lived in before..."

Right now I'm LOVING my Old Navy maternity skinny jeans (why they don't have maternity in Canada is beyond me!). I basically wear them everyday if I'm not wearing my black leggings. When the weather gets a bit warmer (it's pretty warm now, but I live at the lake so it's cooler down here than the rest of the city!) I have some dresses I picked up at Target on my trip to Florida that I'll likely live in.

Still working on the names list! I know we have some time, but I just want my hubby to agree with at least one name I come up with! I've started just sending him names randomly to try to get him used to the ones I like... We'll see!

Oh ya and I chopped my hair off - I think there was about 5 inches on the floor by the end. I love chopping it in the spring!

Happy Friday!


  1. You look gorgeous. Especially with the chopped hair. Very radiant.

    Some old navys have small maternity departments in the store - have you found those?

  2. Love the haircut - you look amazing!


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