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Monday, April 02, 2012

After lunch on Saturday, I decided it was time to check out the future nursery and all the crap that was currently living in the room. First up: go through my fabric stash to see if I can use anything for some kind of inspiration for colours and a theme. Although I'd love to go all out and do it up, I really want to try to use as much as possible of what I already have to put the room together.

Eons ago (I guess it was 2009 since that's what it says on the fabric), I fell in love with this fabric from Danielle Smeets, but never did anything with it. Mostly I was afraid to do anything because I loved it so much. So I laid it out to see if I could find anything to work with it.

Then I started putting together all my colours. Result: I have a lot of green.

Then I found some fabric I used to make a tote bag a few years back and right now I think this is the starting point.

It's girly without being screaming pink girly and it has some of the fun colours I talked about loving in this post: teal, orange, & yellow...

I starting pulling out more fabric to see if I could find something to go with it and found this old shirt from H&M. Not sure what I'll do with it, but looks fun to use...

In the search, I found this pillow cover I made a couple years ago when I first started sewing. It needs a little fix, but it matches pretty well and it's one less thing I have to make!

This is another pillow cover I did at the same time and might work well.

Finally I pulled some solids to pull it all together.

Whatyathink? I think it's a start for sure, but we'll see if I still like it a week from now!

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