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Thursday, May 24, 2012

One of the projects 'we' (aka Mark) did over the weekend was paint the garage. We weren't sure what to do with it since we're planning a complete exterior overhaul in the next 3-4 years; basically we just wanted to clean it up a bit so we could live with it. It wasn't really bothering me, but Mark hated the yellow and wanted to clean up the stucco as much as possible.

The first step was to sand the whole garage down and parge the cracks in the existing stucco. When we moved in, there were vines all over the place, pretty much covering the side and the door. We aren't opposed to vines, but they make painting a bit impossible so we got rid of them last summer. There were still vine bits however that we had to sand down.

Mark then got started on painting. We chose a pretty neutral pallet (reminds me a bit of chocolate milk!) mainly because we wanted something that would match our brick, but also something that was in-line with the rest of the homes on our street since you can see the garage from the street (I realized as I was writing this that the neighbour who shares the driveway with us has a bright pinky-red garage door [you can kind of see it through the fence to the right above], but I digress...).

Door & window frame

Upper portion (triangle)

Body of the garage

(sheesh these all look the same here!)

These weren't our first choices to be honest, but Mark got a deal on Benjamin Moore paint so we had to match what we chose as close as possible.

Once Mark finished the door and started the trim we quickly realized that they were very close in colour - like too close. But we were lazy and didn't feel like going to get more paint, so he kept painting...

We decided to paint the trim and the top middle section the same colour, which included the window frame, but it wasn't really doing much for us so we painted out the window frame the same colour as the door.

So here's where we left off. The next step will be to paint the rest of the garage in Inukshuk (there's a small splotch painted on the left of the door). Honestly, we aren't entirely sure of this look, but it's growing on us. Anything is better than the yellow that was there!

What do you think? What colours would you have used?


  1. Looking good!! I think it is nice and neutral. Lovely.

  2. Not gonna lie. Your husband has nice legs. LOL. It was sooooo great to meet you at Blog Podium. Let's do that again!! Lynne xx

  3. Lynne - hilarious! Yes it was nice meeting you as well!


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