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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mr. Leo turned 18 months yesterday...really??? Yikes that means I only have just over two months left with one kid!

Every parent says this, but he has changed so much since his first birthday. He still isn't a great eater, but I'm working on it!

  • Trucks! Apparently everything sounds like "Daddy's truck" to him: Garbage truck (Daddy's TRAU!), Fire truck (Daddy's TRAU!) Daddy's truck (Daddy's TRAU"), diggers ("diggeuurrr"), cars ("CRAR!"). These are capitalized because he yells them.
  • Walking down the sidewalk towards the busy end of the street. He's trying to give me a heart attack already!
  • The park: slides and swings are his faves
  • Art: Leo seems to like drawing and painting at daycare and the drop in. I have the quite the little collection already.
  • Books: He takes after mommy on this one - he loves to read!
  • Toast ("Toooeee"), blueberries, smoothies, crackers ("cwracrewww")
  • Shoes - he has more shoes than I do already thanks to some great handmedowns from his cousins! He's not wearing shoes in this pic, but this is quite rare - the first word out of his mouth after "Gualk!" (milk), in the morning is "CHEEWWW" (shoe).
  • Hats
  • Eating anything I really want him to eat at the time we're eating it. Please tell me what kid doesn't like pasta, cheese, or pizza? Now that I write this down he does seem to like healthier things more - maybe I shouldn't complain!
  • Getting his diaper changed. I'm trying to get him to tell me when he poos and pees, but he doesn't get it yet. He's still a bit young, but I thought I'd start ;).
I can't really think of many more dislikes to be honest - he's a pretty content kid all around!

Happy 1/2 Birthday Big Guy! Here's to another six months and hope that you don't go crazy terrible twos on me as soon as your sister gets here!

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