garden update + a colourful addition

Thursday, June 07, 2012

It's amazing what just over a month can do to the growth of a garden. Well Mark had a bit to do with it... he's getting quite the green thumb! After I took the last pics, he basically went to work and started moving plants around and cutting back some of the over grown stuff. After a few of the big rains we've had his hard work has made all the difference!

And the garage is done! No more patchy grey spots... (I see there is some work left to do on the window there!)

Mark found all of these ferns behind the garage and moved them to the corner. They fill up the space nicely. He added this candle holder to the corner too as a little sculpture ;).

Last time I posted a pic of this section, there was barely anything here - now the hosta is ginormous! We'll definitely have to split that next year.

And our new addition that just came home tonight - our new sectional!

We've been wanting something bigger for a while now - although I really liked it, the small couch that was here before just wasn't great for both of us (plus Leo!) to lounge (it's now on the front porch - more lounging space!). Now we've got a place for all of us, plus guests.

We picked it from Abacus Furniture (you can see it from the Gardiner at Islington beside that crazy party store). Mark was eyeing a beige one for a bit, but when we went to see it we weren't thrilled about it. It just seemed...blah. I wanted some colour, so we took a risk and made the decision on the blue and we both love it.

The fabric is by Sunbrella so the quality is pretty good and should stand up to the elements (although we'll likely take the cushions in when it rains anyway).

We spend as much time as possible outside in the summer so this will be perfect for us to hang out!

Happy weekend y'all!


  1. Beautiful yard you have there, Stephanie! I LOVE that sectional. I'm wishing for one for our yard, but it's not n the cards this year. Maybe next summer! Great spot to sit with your baby and cuddle too :)

  2. Thanks Janet! Yes can't wait to cuddle lots this summer with the babe!

  3. I love the patio set :-) Are the prices there good? Might be worth a visit...hmm...

  4. @Janice - not bad, but not super cheap. We didn't want anything that was going to fall apart. This company overall has pretty good quality stuff I think!

  5. Thanks for your sweet note yesterday.

    I'm so envious of your gorgeous yard. I would kill for that corner spot on your deck. A warm night, a good book, a cute, comfy sofa... summer perfection.

  6. @susan - hope you're doing better today :(


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