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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm not going to lie, the heat is gettin' to me! Thank goodness it's been a bit cooler these past few nights because this belly can't handle it! (and thank goodness I live by the lake because honestly it's so much cooler down here than the rest of the city...)

On the first cooler night, I thought it would be ok to cook some chickpeas (I soak and then simmer dried beans) and then sew, which also means iron. Apparently it wasn't cool enough to do those things because I was sweating and complaining all night.

Oh well! Even though I'm not a fan of it, we're getting air/con next week I think so hopefully it will be a bit more comfortable for me to last the rest of the summer.

Anyway, I decided I would work on making a crib sheet. I'm 99% finished because I realized I didn't have enough elastic so I have to get some to finish it off. It was so easy, I'll definitely be making more... (more on that when I finish it).

The next project for the nursery is a pouf I think. I was going to go with the more Moroccan style round poufs, but I'm really loving these square ones from West Elm so I think I'll be making one of those. They're much easier to make too!

Here are some inspiration photos:

and some from Pinterest:

What do you think of the square pouf? Pouffy enough for ya?


  1. you're a busy bee!!!!
    We have ductless air con...I am not crazy about air con but it does take the edge off!!! I cant wait 15 years for my front trees to get tall enough to shade the house!!!!

    love those poufs! perfect for a nursery!!!!

  2. Yes this happened last time before the baby! I don't know how I have the energy (I barely have the energy - it's just nesting mode I think...).

    We're getting ductless as well - I wasn't crazy about it because of the wall units BUT it's so much cheaper than the space pack high velocity option and we really don't feel like fixing up more holes in the house at the moment!

  3. Well thanks, Steph... Now I have to make a trip to West Elm. ;)


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