paint help for the nursery please!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ok need a bit of paint help please!

Here is the room for the nursery (old pic - I've cleaned it even more and the crib is set up yay!). The walls are grey, but more blue than grey.

Here's kind of where I'm going for colours and I just don't think the blue/grey really matches that well. Especially with teal (the crib sheet I made is teal as well).

I think the walls should still be grey, but more of the colours in the flowers in the middle fabric above - so could be a browny-grey I guess??? Anyway I said "grey" to the hubs and he really doesn't want more grey in the house. He wants something different because the entire house is painted in one shade of grey or another..

So I was trying to compromise with grey and maybe add a fun stencil or decal or something. Or stripes? I was playing around with the idea of light teal and grey stripes, but I'm not sure I'm up for it.

Dunno - what would you do? Help!


  1. What about a yellow/green that's a lighter version of the yellow/green that's in the fabric on the left and in the center? A little less punchy than those, maybe... that color with a little bit of white in it to tone it down?

  2. Yes that could work. I'll have check out some yellows - kind of afraid of yellow for some reason, but it would be ok if it were muted. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. smart alec (natalie) was going to do her nursery olive green...i wonder if that colour could be fun?

    great fabrics! you have lots of choices!

  4. white :) I love white with bright colours!


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