nursery update: crib sheet

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The nursery is coming along (slowly!) and now that I'm finished my library book I can now concentrate on getting some stuff done.

Last night I finished my crib sheet. It was mostly done, but I didn't have a long enough elastic to finish it. Thankfully my Mom came to the rescue this past weekend and gave me some from her stash.

Like my Etsy pin art? Super safe for a baby ;)
I really like it! AND it was super easy to make. I used this crib sheet tutorial that I found on Pinterest. It probably took about 40 mins to make in total.

I just love having something pretty for the baby to pee, pooh and spit up on :).

We're having the room painted tomorrow with Daiquiri Ice from Benjamin Moore. It's my way of pretending to drink my face off while pregnant. You can kind of see the paint splotch on the can - it's super light mint which I'm kind of excited about. I'll probably get it painted and it will look white, but that's ok too. Baby steps with colour people!

Tonight I'll be able to finish my pouf! I was able to get a lot of it done last night as well... stay tuned!

Ok back to work - it's my last week of work! Crazy really since I've only been back for 7 months....

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Jennifer4:24 PM

    Love your crib!!! It looks like the one I have ;)

  2. Oh, you're being so good and productive! I love it. And I'm looking forward to the pouf unveiling.


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