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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm a bit of a closet bargain shopper (aka cheap). I get a bit of a high finding things for good deals.

Leo is going to be home with me full time next week and I feel like I need to stock up on a few things but I don't want to pay a million to do it!

One thing I wanted to get him is a train table, but I know they are pretty expensive. I saw Lindsay's post about making one which was something I was considering, then I found saw a train table for sale on a Facebook mom-to-mom group I belong to and did a double take... it was $25!

I thought for sure it would be sold because I saw the post a few days after it was up, but it was still available.

Score! Or should I say: All aboard!
My friend C was at Chapters the other day and sent me a text: "Um do you know how much the train tables are here?" I said "Ya a lot!!!" thinking $150. Well turns out they're $800 or something crazy. Is that even possible? And that's without the trains??? Anyway I got a deal. I just need to get some tracks and trains and we'll be set!

Speaking of trains, I was getting my oil changed today and across the street is a Goodwill. I decided to check it out and saw a few cute books and a Thomas train for Leo. Not something that will go on the tracks on the table, but a train nonetheless. He seemed to like it. I got the books and the train for $7.

Now if I could just find a dresser for the baby's room. I've been scouring kijiji and have lost out on two dressers. People act fast when they see something good let me tell ya!

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  1. My sister just offered us her old train table, but Im not sure what to do with it. If anyone is looking for one in the Oakville area I'd be happy to part with it and make some room in my garage.


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