fall sunday photo bomb

Monday, October 22, 2012

Yesterday, the fam ended up going on not one but two fall hikes! The first was at Sherwood Park Forest at Mount Pleasant and Eglinton. It was SO beautiful - the colours were out in full force!

The leaves gave everything an orange glow. So pretty.

My poor attempt at a self family pic. It wasn't too bad except we're missing one important member....

There she is!

We live on the west end of the city and of course Leo fell asleep in the car. We were going to Hamilton later in the day (to Mark's parent's house), so we decided to just continue on and take the long way along the Lakeshore so Leo could nap. We drive this way all the time and I highly recommend it over the boring highway. It's such a pretty drive.
Leo loves leaves
Once we got to Hamilton, we trekked out for our second fall walk near Mark's parent's house
Teaching Leo how to throw the nuts
Oh here we are again - assume position!

The colours were fantastic here too! Everything was yellow!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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