mirror and stuff in the nursery

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We finally put the mirror up in the nursery. The glass was broken and we were waiting on replacement glass and then we had to paint it. Anyway it's up now!

The other night I whipped up some bunting to put on it. I kind of wanted a different kind of bunting because this style is all over the place, but it's so easy to do and it's still kind of cute. I just took some of the paper I used for the blocks on my wall and sewed it to some yellow bias tape I had on hand.

In other news, I filled this little white frame with an M I found on the net. It's a drop-cap from Daily Drop Cap.

And I moved the chair over to the corner beside the crib.

I also put this super sweet hair clip holder on the closet door. My friend made it! She's so talented...

Anyway the room is done for now!

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