earl grey tea latte with almond milk

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Today I wanted to share a fun bevie I've been enjoying the past couple of weeks: earl grey tea latte with almond milk. We mostly drink almond milk at home because of Leo (he has a dairy intolerance) and I've been making it from scratch lately thanks to a yummy recipe recently posted on Oh She Glows.

Here's the thing about almond milk from a tetra box: it doesn't tend to froth very nicely, especially when it hits the heat of the tea (or coffee), but when you make it from scratch it gets nice and creamy making it the perfect accompaniment for a latte.

I don't have a fancy schmancy machine to froth the milk for me, so I bought a cheap one from Ikea a few weeks ago and it does the trick nicely.

Here are the steps:

Make your tea: I use Organic Cream of Earl Grey tea from David's Tea

While the tea is steeping, froth up the milk. I didn't heat my milk because I'm lazy and it still worked well.

Look a that milk! I think it looks delicious.

Now add the tea and milk to your cup, add a bit of vanilla, top with cinnamon and voila!


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