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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

There's a sweet store in Toronto (actually there are two locations!) called Mini Mioche. I haven't actually been to the physical store, but I'm constantly visiting the site looking at all the clothes I'd love to dress my kids in. They're having a little summer sale this week and I decided to get a few things I've been eyeing for some time.* The dress is my favourite. Have I mentioned I love having a girl? ;).

*I should mention that the store is about a 15 min drive max from me but I haven't been able to get there so I ordered everything online. Yes I know I'm lazy.

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  1. We had a few things from MM when Luca was a wee thing and they were SO cute and SO SO comfy. I thought they fit a bit small though - let me know what you think of the toddler and up sizing!


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