jardin d'hiver

Friday, August 30, 2013

Are you ever in constant struggle about what your style is? I can't figure it out half the time: do I like modern? Traditional? New traditional? Who knows. 

Well while in Tremblant, we stumbled upon a gorgeous little place called jardin d'hiver. Mark noticed it first and thought I might like to check it out while he took the kids to a park across the street.

As soon as I walked through the door I thought THIS is it. Whatever this is... (modern country?) this is what I want my style to be. I loved everything in this place. The colours, the textures, the beautiful dishes and linens. I actually thought of just making them an offer (albeit piddly) to live there. 

I was so overwhelmed I didn't even buy anything. Not one thing. So when I got home I starting searching on etsy and found quite a few comparable things. It was quite fun looking for this stuff! Now if only someone would buy it all for me :).

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  1. I like to refer to my style as "playroom" :)


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