Chickpea & Rosemary Birdie Crackers (goldfish cracker alternative)

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

goldfish cracker alternatives

So ya I made crackers. I'm actually not sure what possessed me to choose yesterday to make them either. I had spent the early morning at the hospital with Mila where she got a procedure done to unblock a tear duct. We were home at 9:30. She was exhausted so she went to bed for a few hours. Leo was playing very nicely with his trucks. I was exhausted. I know... let's make crackers! Even better... let's make birdie crackers!

I wanted something that was gluten free so I used this recipe and thought it would be cute to use my little Easter birdie cookie cutter for them (don't have a cute cookie cutter? Check out these fun ones I found on etsy!).

As the commenters to the recipe suggest, add more salt. I didn't and they needed it. Also I added some dried rosemary and garlic powder to the mix for some extra zip. I will add some sort of cheese next time for fun.

They're so cute! I smooshed a few heads and gave a few of the chickies some leg amputations when I was lifting them off the mat but overall they turned out quite nice.

When they were all done I put them in a fancy Ball jar to keep in the cupboard. The kids love them. Well Leo loves the chicks. Mila just shoves them in her mouth and likely couldn't care less what it looked like.

Happy chirping!

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