Giving thanks

Monday, October 14, 2013

I'm not going to lie to you, my home life has become crazy. It's busy*. It's draining. It's a lot of work caring for these two kidlets day in and day out. Leo has hit the 'threes' (yes they're worse than the twos - my sister-in-law warned me), and he is always talking. Mila continues to be a screecher and a swatter**. The past two weeks in particular have been challenging. So I wasn't super excited to have a giant Thanksgiving dinner. I love my family, but I needed a break.

Somehow it was decided that we weren't going to have one. My sister and her boyfriend are in Mexico for a wedding, my father-in-law is on a golfing trip and my other sister has been working around the clock and exhausted, so we all agreed that we didn't need a dinner. I love my family, but I have to admit I was happy that I didn't have to cook or travel.

So what did we end up doing? Nothing. Ok not nothing. But we just hung out and relaxed.

Saturday we puttered around the house and went for a couple walks. Sunday we barely left the house since it was raining here in Toronto which was amazing. I'm so thankful for rain some days because it gives me an excuse to stay inside and veg. 

We were going to do laundry, but our washing machine broke down so weren't able to get it done and guess what? That was even awesome. Yes I have a pile of laundry to do, but every time I thought We have to do the laundry, I stopped because I couldn't do it. It was one thing that was forcefully crossed off my list this weekend and I was so thankful for that. 

Sunday night I read my book.

Today was beautiful so we drove out to Flamborough to Dyments Farm where we rode on the wagon, checked out the pumpkins and animals, jumped in the ball pit and played with some trucks.

We even took the long way home through the back roads so the kids could sleep and we could look at the changing leaves.

It was the perfect ending to the long weekend.

So I wanted to say thank you to my family for giving me the opportunity to sit out this Thanksgiving. I missed you all, but loved spending these last few days getting recharged so I can continue to look after these two little munchkins.

*I don't like the word "busy" as much as the next gal, but it is what it is my friends
**One who swats her hands at one's face


  1. These are the best kind of weekends!!!

  2. Hi Stephanie,

    This is great! It's refreshing to read about someone skipping a holiday instead of killing themselves to make it happen. Good on you for reveling in sloth this weekend!

    The rain on Sunday was a blessing wasn't it? I also vegged with my wee one. Rainy days and movie marathons are the best :)


    1. Yes the rain was really a blessing that's for sure - love those days!

  3. Sometimes relaxing is the best way to go! Hope you were able to recharge a bit :)


  4. We were! I hope you had a great weekend!

  5. Gorgeous photos of your cute family! I'm glad you had some downtime to rest and recharge. That's what long weekends are for!

  6. Ah Stephanie, that sounds like bliss!!! I had a good mix of crazy turkey/tofurky preparing, as well as a lazy Monday. Much prefered the lazy Monday, haha!


  7. Love the no pressure holiday. Looks like you guys had a lovely day.

  8. I think that your Thanksgiving should be one that you give thanks for. And it sounds like you had the kind of weekend many of us would be thankful for! (I hear you on those long weeks - sometimes the kids just put us through our paces!)

  9. Sometimes you really need weekends like that - it sounded perfect!

  10. oh goodness, three's are much worse than two's, right?! seriously. so true. you know, kudos to you for knowing what you needed to get back on a track, I commend you on taking the time to recharge.


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