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Monday, January 27, 2014

This weekend I was supposed to go home for my aunt's funeral, but the weather was insane and there was a huge accident on the 401. A 25 car pile up which included seven jackknifed transport trucks. We thought about going anyway and then came to our senses. I've been there and done that (I may have had a couple of accidents with my poor little Jeep... anyone want a Jeep by the way? It has all new parts ;)).

So I unpacked all my clothes and got to thinking what a sad state my 'function' clothes are in. You know the clothes I need to wear to funerals, meetings, parties etc.

My biggest problem is that I'm smaller than I used to be and so now all my clothes hang off me. Ya I know boo hoo, but it's annoying. At one point I had enough classic pieces to keep me going, but I can't wear them anymore because they look super frumpy. Now I have a hard time justifying buying clothes like this because I'm at home with the kids.

When I am looking to buy, I typically go to Banana Republic or J.Crew, but I've been craving something a bit different. I always keep an eye out for clothes on Etsy and add them to my style board.

Honestly there's a lot of crap on there (like a lot - sorry Etsy designers), but there are also so many pieces of beautiful clothing. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to make your own clothing? One day I'll do this.

Until then I'll stick to Etsy.

This weekend I fell in love with a designer called Lirola. This shop is out of Israel and offers romantic clothing in a chic style you can wear every day.

I feel like these could be classic staples in your wardrobe lasting a lifetime and the fit would be perfect for any body type. She has a maternity line too (not that I need that right now!) So pretty.

What do you think? What's your wardrobe like these days?

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  1. You should check out that new store called The Loft from the states! They carry petite sizes and the prices are reasonable especially if you find stuff on sale!

    I like the pocket on the first dress...I may be slightly obsessed with pockets.

    1. Ooo I'll check it out - thanks! I too love the pockets! As long as they fall nicely on the dress/skirt I think they're a nice touch!

  2. Very pretty! I love the purple one. And so sorry to hear about your Aunt.

  3. Oh, these are beautiful!!! Wow, you're right... they could easily be staples. They look so classy, yet comfortable! Let us know if you do purchase from them...!


  4. That dress is STUNNING!! I'm off to go check them out.

  5. Love that first dress! My wardrobe needs help these days. Trying so hard not to spend money. I think I need to hire a stylist to tell me how to shop my closet and put things together better! :)

  6. Love the dresses. You definitely look great in rich jewel tones!

  7. may wardrobe is slouchy sweaters and skinnies...
    just added 3 dresses!


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