Family Day long weekend

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hey there.

Did you have a nice Family Day long weekend (if you live in Ontario, Alberta or Saskatchewan or had President's Day in the States...)?

Mine was great. I love long weekends - more time with the hubby!

We managed to pack a lot into the weekend. Here's what we did.

I made a heart banner for my little valentines.

I made a pretty decent vegetarian 'meatball' thanks to How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman. It's made out of walnuts! I was very happy about this discovery. With a few herb & spice tweaks I think it just might fool the Italian in the house!

I found a light that I want for the powder room. My sister and I went shopping for her new home on the weekend and I found this pendant (the shorter one) from Living Lighting.

Mark and I went on a date to a pub. No photos! Just picture me eating a huge plate of fish and chips and downing several Mill Street beers.

We took the kids on their first subway trip downtown.

After the subway we went for lunch at a new restaurant Mark's company built downtown. It's called Bread & Bowl and it's yummy (more on that another time!).

We went to the Auto Show after lunch and now Leo wants a race car and a motorbike.

My kids turned into teenagers and took off on a joyride.

What did you do on the long weekend?


  1. We went on our first ever parents only getaway!!! Highly recommended!

    Did you go to that talk on sustainable vs organic vs farm food? i kinda figured i couldnt get away this week!

    1. No not going after all - I'm making myself go to bootcamp tonight since I missed it Thurs! Saw your post about your trip - looks like you had a blast!

  2. and i love the bathroom dress!!

  3. the bathroom light! duh!

    1. Ha! Thanks yes I think that's the one!


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