A much needed vacation

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mark and I just got back from taking the kids to south Florida for 10 days. His parents rent a house every year for a few months so we love to fly down for a bit to spend some time with them and with the warm weather. As many of you are experiencing, we've had quite the winter and we really needed to get away. I felt many times before we left that I was going a bit crazy - lack of vitamin D?? The sun was perfect. I highly recommend it, if only for a few days!

Mark's parents have a pool so we spent a lot of the time swimming (ok I'm a lounger but the kids swam a lot with Mark and his parents!) and took a few side trips to the beach and to the zoo in Tampa (Leo got to feed a giraffe!). There was only one day of rain and one other day was on the cool side, but over all it was amazing weather. It was worth it to go a bit later in the year to catch the warm rays and get away from the snow (did you hear we're getting more tomorrow?? ack!)

To top it off, the kids were amazing. They shared a room (Leo in the bed and Mila in a pack and play) and they slept so well there. They were up pretty early every morning (5 am on the morning of the time change - yikes!) but over all it was a great set up.

Thanks for the visit Nonno and Mimi! xo

How are you keeping warm this year? Did you go away?


  1. So cute!! We haven't gone away yet but will be soon. Luca's first time hitting the beach! We'll see how it goes. hahaha

    Glad you got away!

  2. Ohhh it looks glorious!!! The weather looks amazing. If only this darn snow had stopped - my hopes of spring have been dashed!


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