On the walls: The Bianchini

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Photo via Jennifer Kirk Photography
If you recently read my post over at Just a Trace you may have noticed the little red car (also known as a Bianchini) we drove to and from our wedding. This car was one of the highlights of our wedding day; it had so much character: it was red, it had an old green suitcase attached at the back, the driver wore driving goggles and since the car didn't have a radio, the driver brought one with him and kept it in the front seat.

Photo via Jennifer Kirk Photography
This car will always hold a special little place in our hearts.

Late last year, Becky from Sketchy Styles posted something on her Facebook page talking about her illustrations and what a great gift idea one of them would be for a loved one. My brain went into over drive as I thought about what I could have illustrated to give to Mark for Christmas and it popped into my head: the car!

I sent a note to Becky asking her what she thought of the idea. She seemed on board. She typically works in black and white and when I asked her if it would be possible to make the car red she was up for the challenge (if you've seen her recent painting posts, I'm sure my little car wasn't much of a challenge! This gal is super talented!).

I sent her a few photos for inspiration and she got to work. After approving a proof via email, I got the final piece of art in the mail a few weeks later.

Voila! Cute right? I put it in a rustic looking frame I found at Target and put it in the basement under a picture of the house where Mark and I met (and lived in school!) which is pretty fitting. I think I might change up the mats in both photos to keep them a bit more consistent, but for now it's fine.

What do you think? What would you have illustrated?

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  1. so cute! and I love making memories with art.

  2. so adorable!
    i don't have a clue what i might have illustrated. oh but i just right this second thought about my favorite church rummage sale and i better check the date! strange that it popped into my mind!

  3. Hi Stephanie,
    That looks wonderful! I love how the red undertones in the wood pick up the colour in the car. Nice job :)
    Thanks for pushing me out of my black and white comfort zone and into the fun world of colour! There's nothing better than getting a challenge like that!
    Cheers, Becky


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