Links I clicked this week - March Break edition

Friday, March 20, 2015

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It's March Break in these parts and I've been home with two lovies that have been keeping me busy. More than once this week I've started a few different things only to finish them later because the kidlets needed something or other. The funny thing is that it's still a break for me of sorts: I don't have to rush out the door in the morning to bring Leo to school and rush out to get him after school with sleepy Mila in tow. It's been a pretty great week. I haven't done much on the computer but I have had a chance to sneak a few minutes here and there. Here's what I clicked on this week:

This weekend is my sister Kaite and I are throwing a baby shower for our sister Stacey and I got this sweet You Are My Sunshine print to put in a frame somewhere at the party. She calls her baby Sunshine so it's perfect.

If you live right downtown Toronto or went to school there, you may know a place called The Salad King. Mark and I went there on Sunday for lunch just like the good old days in school.

How to make crackers at home.

My Daughter Is Getting the Mean Girls Treatment in Kindergarten. This breaks my heart and I can already see a bit of it happening with Leo. Why are kids so mean that early?

The Cookery cooking classes. I went on a girl date with my friend Jen and we checked out The Cookery on Roncesvalles in Toronto. We're going to take a class!

Tiny House Fits a Family in 196 Square Feet. Say wha?

I loved this interview with Grace Bonney and Marie Forleo. Super inspiring.

I've been researching 30-day fitness challenges and this looks good!

This was a fantastic collaboration with some great bloggers and Canadian Tire. Great job guys! I really can't wait for spring now!

Ok that's it! Have a fantastic weekend and Happy Spring! Yay!


  1. Thanks so much for popping into Cookery this week! We're looking forward to seeing you at a class. We're new to the neighbourhood and appreciate your support!

  2. Mean girls - happens in K..
    I have a neighbour who has raised two successful sons and she says to watch that they have at least one best friend. I like that thought...
    Also my SK bought red sneakers he LOVES and i gave him this pep talk on his way to school... if anyone says anything about his shoes, look at them, shrug and say "well, I think they're cool!" and walk away ... because I didnt want some nasty kid to ruin his shoes for him - it happened to me all the time growing up! (Mostly because my new stuff all came second hand and way out of style). Anyways, yah... I am totally paranoid for when kids turn on him... (i was the BIGGEST loser, so far, he's kinda the I also try to teach him to be kind)... anyways, have you noticed at this age, they repeat whatever they hear you say? Like they mirror your behaviour with their friends? Trying on your personality to see how it fits? blah blah blah...


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