A Sunshine Tea & Baby Shower

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

This past weekend my sister Kaitlynn and I threw a baby shower for our sister Stacey in a gorgeous condo party room in mid-town Toronto. She's due at the end of May and we're so excited to meet Baby Sunshine. You may notice that I don't have a ton of photos (we were still getting ready when people arrived!) but you can get an idea of what everything looked like.

We decided to have a tea party type shower after watching the Russian tea party episode on Downton Abbey (please tell me you watch this show!). Kaite and I worked hard making a bunch of cute decorations, but when we got to the party room we decided not to use half of it. As I mentioned, the room was so gorgeous. I could have moved in right then and there! We decided to keep the decor minimal with yellow tulips, food, tea and tea cups of course! 

Kaite has a ton of tea and she thought it would be nice to put them in little glass containers and guests could help themselves. We also made a lot of food like delish vegan brownies from Oh She Glows and chocolate chip cookie bars. We also bought a few cakes from the patisserie at Loblaws (have you seen these new patisseries?) - I love the little yellow one!

In terms of games, we wanted something fun and not cheesy especially because it was a co-ed shower so we opted for baby shower bingo and a 'Who's My Mama' game from Creative Union Design. There was also a pool table in the room which helped keep things fun!

Overall the shower was a great success. Stacey was able to see many friends and family and she received some pretty wonderful and thoughtful gifts. Best of all Stacey and Carlo had big smiles on their faces the whole afternoon which is the best gift of all in my books.

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