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Friday, April 03, 2015

Photo via Rufus & Murdog
Well my friends it's Easter Weekend; a holiday that always catches up to me. At around 1:30 yesterday afternoon I realized that I still hadn't bought any eggs of any kind, but as luck would have it Mila woke up early from her nap so we high-tailed it over to Sweet Olenka's for some bunnies and white chocolate-covered blueberries (super delish by the way) so I think we're set now. And now, as you nosh on your own chocolate egg stash, here are the links I clicked on this week for your reading pleasure.

8 Things to Get Rid of that You'll Never Even Know Are Gone

A great way to book babysitters. I wish we had this in Toronto!

I've been drinking a ton of this lemon tea this week because I'm fighting a bug yuck!

25 Creative Easter Baskets for Kids

Grace Bonney's morning routine. I love reading about how people go about their day.

The new Rufus & Murdog shop is super sweet. I'm in love with these Mini Mocks!

6 Game-Changing Questions to Ask Your Picky Eater. Great tips that I will use on Leo!

Have a great Easter Weekend y'all!

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