Ice cream treats

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mark and I tell the kids stories every night and almost always they want to hear stories about ice cream. Leo wants a story about eating so much mint chocolate chip ice cream he throws up in a pool (no idea) and Mila wants to hear about Hello Kitty cookies and ice cream. It's a full time job this ice cream storytelling thing.

Here are some of my ice cream faves on Etsy that I'm sure would pass the Leo + Mila test.

Ice cream print via Old English Company 

Slip cast faceted geo ice cream bowl via Bean and Bailey

Ice cream cone serving tray via  JT Woodworks

Ice cream water colour art via Water Color Paperie 

Rainbow polka dots ice cream cups via The Bakers Confections

Mint chocolate chip ice cream digital paper via Tracy Gurley Designs 
Play food ice cream set via House Mountain Natural 
Mi piace gelato by Anek

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