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Tuesday, May 05, 2015


We added a couple bird feeders to the back yard a few weeks ago and it's amazing to see what birds are coming by to eat. I thought it would be fun for just the kids, but we're really into it too. We have some regulars like finches, black birds, cardinals and even a blue jay or two. My goal this summer is to create a little oasis for our bird family so they keep coming back.

When I was looking around for bird feeders this week on Etsy I was happy to see there are a bunch of different styles these days so you can get one or two to match the style of your house. While I was perusing I couldn't help but think of the birds creating their own little communities and having conversations about their homes. They be sipping nectar and snacking on seeds while they gossiped about their neighbours' homes. Actually I guess they'd simply be tweeting...

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