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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I sold our train table a month or so ago which left me with some pretty unsightly areas of our toy area in the basement. Yes I know, they're toys and they're supposed to be messy, but I prefer things to be tidy at the end of the day so I'm looking for a nice solution.

I don't mind things being thrown into a basket so I'm on the hunt for some nice ones! I found the photo below from Land of Nod and it's kind of the look I'm going for: blocks in one basket, train stuff in another, legos in another, etc. I might tackle this project my self (#wintersewingproject??). We'll see.

Here are some other baskets I found for inspiration:

Half Tone Rattan Floor Basket | Land of Nod

Cream and Grey Storage Basket | Sampson and James

Round Storage Bin | Love Joy Create

Fabric Storage Basket | Empire Eco Designs

What do you think? Maybe I should just chuck it all instead a la The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up..... ;)

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  1. Those baskets are def pretty but they are big and not practical :) IMO smaller containers are better with a theme for each...and wider as its easier for looking for what you want AND you want a shelf to put them on. Get a tox box or a toy shelf! Or both AND purge!


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