Gift guide for someone who lives in the kitchen

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I have this friend... we'll call her Bethany*... who spends all her time in the kitchen making food for her family. She cooks, cleans, bakes, chops, stirs, serves, sprinkles, wipes, and eats of course (rinse and repeat). I'm sure many of you can relate. Bethany doesn't mind doing all of this stuff on a daily basis, but wouldn't it be so much fun if the things she used were fun to look at? That's where Etsy comes in handy.  Etsy has a Holiday Hub where you can find all these fun things and more. 

I went through the Hub this week and made a list of fun things you can buy me... ahem... Bethany this year for Christmas.

French Butter Keeper from Sawyer Ceramics
Personalized Slate Serving Board from Healthy Inside Out

Writable (ART)issn Cheese Markers from Peppersprouts

Ceramic Salt Cellar from NoeMarin
Linen Napkins from Pillowlink

Bon Appetit Wall Art from Hampty Dampty Art

Personalized Knife Rack from Norden Designs

Gray Ceramic Plates from Bininaor

Peace on Earth Serving Spoon from Milk and Honey Luxuries

Find your own fun things at in the Etsy Holiday Hub here.

*For some reason some people hear Bethany when I say Stephanie. 

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