Saturday, July 12, 2008

At Christmas you might recall I decided to make my Dad a blanket for his gift. I bought some cozy, furry, bubbly fabric for one side and fleece for the other. I almost gave up right away because the darn fabric was so hard to work with -- so slippery! So I opted for fleece only... M said it was looking like a baby's blanket anyway. Well I'm off to a baby shower today and for the gift I decided to attempt another blanket with similar slippery, cozy fabric.

It didn't start off so hot -- I'm impatient with certain things -- I just started sewing, barely pinning this slippery sucker into place. It didn't go well so I threw the thing out the window and stomped out to the back yard to pout. Time moved on and I realized I didn't have much for my friend's gift so I decided to take another stab at it, but this time around I carefully pinned every inch into place (I definitely need more pins!) so that nothing was getting away from me this time.

It worked and I'm pretty happy with the outcome. I call her spotty: fun mint green and taupe polkas on one side with the furry, cozy yumminess on the other. I made it quite a bit bigger than other baby blankets I've made because C says it's nice for Moms to sit on their blankets with their babies when they go to the park!

It feels so great to be back sewing again -- I have a rather large list to pick away at so hopefully you'll see more pics over the next several weeks.

Happy weekend!

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