bump up the jam

Monday, September 29, 2008

The title of this post is dedicated a bit to my goodlife class that I miss dearly. I've been out with a bad back for a few weeks and haven't been able to go. I went to the gym for the first time today and gazed into the classroom longingly at all the bodypumpers pumping away to pump up the jam (gotta love that hair and green spandex...)

But I suppose the title is really about the latest project that I did for C a few weeks ago. She really does keep me busy, that girl!

C wanted a bumper pad for her daughter's crib and I took the challenge. She didn't know what fabric she wanted for the longest time, but she knew she wanted something to match her Dwell bed skirt. She decided on Amy Butler's Lime Full Moon Polka Dots after she threw the bag I made her into the crib one day and liked the look. (It also looks pretty cute with the coriander pillow I made her awhile back).

I'm really happy with the turn out -- but I likely won't be making another one until the time comes from my own little ones... these things aren't as easy as they look to make! But it was fun and I'm happy that C keeps me sewing for practice.


  1. oooo! i love it! did you use a pattern for your crib bumper? fantastic job!!!

  2. umm .. i may have to order one from you in the new year. Not for me, for my friend :)


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