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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Hi folks! I wanted to share another quickie project that we managed to get done over the holidays and that's the window frame in the mudroom. It's been on the house list since 2011, so I was pretty happy to get it finished.

I have to admit that the pictures in this post are deceiving. Personally when I'm looking at the photo above I prefer it to my after shots and that's mainly because the before photo was taken when the room was empty (a rarity these days!) and the after shot is smack in the middle of Christmas chaos, so the room is pretty messy.


There's the before up there...

And the after!

 Now this window is pretty big for the size of the room and the frame makes it look even bigger, but we wanted to mimic the style of the bathroom door frame which is directly across from the window.

It makes such a big difference. Just cleans it up (when the room is clean of course!).

Next up is a nice roman blind. Who knows when I'll get to that!

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  1. The extra wide window casing makes the window look so much bigger! Nice choice of the moulding! Btw I am hosting a giveaway for a free pair of designer pillows (value up to $140) so don't forget to check it out. :)


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