small things: taking off the french doors

Friday, January 11, 2013

We had a few people over on New Year's Eve and we were discussing various things and our French doors came up in conversation. They haven't really bothered me too much, but I haven't really loved them either. First off, the left one doesn't close all the way so we've had to prop it open in front of the side table and they don't look balanced. Also they are really old and have been painted over a million times, so they didn't look great. 

One friend suggested I just take them off - why not? So the next day we decided to take them off to give it a try. It looked pretty bare at first but with a few picture changes and some time to get used to the space, I'm rather liking it!

And now we can actually see the table and I can have fun with little vignettes (if I ever get around to it!).

Now to just find some darn pillows! It's starting to be an issue!

ps- sorry for all the wonky photos and colours - I'm the worst at taking photos at the right time and just take them on the fly!


  1. Anonymous3:43 PM

    We did that in our living room after fighting with the doors for years. Best decision we ever made! It opened up our room so much and made for much better flow. We ended up filling the gaps in the trim to make the removal permanent. We also ended up selling the doors, since they were original hardwood doors to our house (and they weren't even in that great of condition, but someone snatched them right up!)

  2. You know, I love French doors, but my husband has never liked them and I always thought he was crazy until... you may have convinced me that, while French doors are great in a HUGE space, in most standard homes, they really just don't make sense! The change has totally opened up your living room! I can't believe I'm say this... it's a great change!

  3. Anonymous1:13 PM

    I rather like the evening pictures - looks cozy!

  4. I LOVE the change. So much roomier, cleaner-looking, modern. Very nice!

  5. It really opens up the space with the doors gone. Love it!

  6. Not having the doors really makes it flow better....and being able to access the full table now must feel like a big bonus!

  7. I would say, good job! Your house looks more spacious now! The French door divided the room, unnecessarily. I don't see the need for that there, so I think you made the right decision. Removing the French doors gave a better flow to the whole room!


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