Garden Tour: Cynthia Zamaria of Recreational Decorator

Friday, August 22, 2014

country gardens, blogger gardens, cottage gardens

I'm really excited to share our last Blogger Garden Tour this week, Cynthia Zamaria of Recreational Decorator. I'm in love with this garden people! It's gorgeous and oh so colourful. Read more about Cynthia's wonderful garden oasis below. 

PS: All photos were taken by Cynthia's 14-year-old son Ben!

country gardens, blogger gardens, cottage gardens

Tell me a little about your blog, where you live, how long you’ve been blogging.

In my professional time I work in PR, and for fun, I blog on Recreational Decorator. It really is a passion project for me – a place to experiment and explore how we make beautiful spaces, share meals with family and friends and grow our gardens. While I’ve been connected to the blogging community through work for a long time, I’ve only been creating Rec Dec for a few years. I love it. I only wish I had more time!

My husband Graham and I have three children Ben (14), Ruby (12), Theo (7). Ben helps me with much of the original photography for the blog. Most of the time we live in the Beaches in Toronto. But as much as we can, we escape to the country.

country gardens, blogger gardens, cottage gardens

What do you love most about your garden? What makes it special to you?

We’ve had this country property, just outside of Peterborough, Ontario for about four years. It overlooks a designated wetland and has sweeping views over Rice Lake. We have an amazing variety of bird and other animal life, and we have space. Open, sunny space so we can have the garden we’ve dreamed of.

country gardens, blogger gardens, cottage gardens

Our plan has always been to keep it simple. Nothing too fussy – hardy, traditional vegetables, herbs and a cutting garden with the classics and wildflowers. Plants that would survive the deer and our neglect. A place for our children to grow their own beans to eat fresh off the stem. Pumpkins for Halloween. Mint for my juleps.

This truly is a special place for us. As soon as we fall out of the car on a Friday night, the first place our three run to is the garden. They want to see what has grown since last week.

country gardens, blogger gardens, cottage gardens

What have you learned along the way that you can share with others about gardening or setting up a backyard oasis?

  • I’m not a patient gardener. I tend to overplant and divide later. The instant gratification is worth it.
  • We’ve had great luck with starting our veggies and flowers by seed. Cheap thrills.
  • Think about your surroundings and what plants will not only thrive, but complement the style of your home and evoke the mood you want.
  • You don’t have to spend a lot on outdoor furniture (although tempting). We placed two picnic tables together and added a funky umbrella for a simple farm-to-table solution.

country gardens, blogger gardens, cottage gardens

Do you have any future plans for your garden or do you love it just the way it is?

I think the pool and cabana will have to wait! But in the meantime, there are always new crops to try and experimentation with the flowers to keep us busy. And of course the weeding.

Whether you have a big garden or small, you can create your own escape. And once all the hard work is done, remember to take the time to smell the roses.

country gardens, blogger gardens, cottage gardens
country gardens, blogger gardens, cottage gardens

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous garden Cynthia! 
You can follow Cynthia and find out more about her here:

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  1. You captured some really great moments on film. Thanks for sharing.

    So jealous that you have fresh beans. My garden was done (for those) in early August.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo


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